Sprint Studio Store

  • Sprint Studio Store

    Unique. Larger than life. Unexpected. Sprint Studio is more than a store; it’s an adventure. A vast departure from the traditional retail space, Sprint Studio is an exciting environment where customers can learn, explore, and interact with exclusive Sprint devices and applications.
  • Behind the scenes of a Sprint photoshoot
  • The vision of Sprint Studio is to maximize current customers’ experiences with Sprint, helping them get the most value, productivity and enjoyment from the diverse offerings. In this approach, Sprint Studio establishes a compelling retention-based approach, rather than the standard wireless carrier’s method of capturing new customers’ attention and maintaining loyalty.
  • German light artists, Lichtfaktor, and fashion photographer Ron Eshel collaborated with Continuum for all of the in-store messaging.
  • The store is divided into five key zones: front-of-store feature area, entertainment, productivity, digital lounge, and service and customization.

  • The heart of the store features a Digital Lounge, complete with exclusive, multi-touch tables that let customers interact with the wealth of media available on the Sprint network.
  • Sprint set out to engage and excite customers with compelling demonstrations of new technology and stunning visual communications.