The Breslin Restaurant

  • Located next to the lobby of the Ace Hotel, The Breslin is a 150-seat restaurant owned by Ken Friedman and Chef April Bloomfield and designed by Roman and Williams. Robin and Stephen describe the Breslin and the Ace as “two conflicting narratives, two bulls colliding in the most powerful way.” The restaurant and hotel lobby sit side by side, cross-pollinating tastes, aromas, and personality types. Reclaimed wood flooring –originally fencing from a Pacific Northwest ranch – feels heavy, rustic, and full of memories. The floor contrasts with the custom milled panels, booths and columns, all of which have been coated in a glossy oil paint in deep browns, greens, and blacks. Large-scale wood paneling and a system of posts and beams evoke a sense of weight and materiality, harkening English pub architecture. Roman and Williams strove to make a space that tells the same story as Chef April Bloomfield’s food: Super-classic, working-class English, but with a refinement that’s exceptional. The Breslin bridges the gap between something historical, but also fresh and new.