Montauk Residence

  • World of Interiors described the second home of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch as "…something quite remarkable: a weekend getaway so filled with the curious that it's more Kunsthammer than beach cabana." The designers took a relatively unremarkable 1950s “contractor special” with a 1980s addition, and without undertaking a wholesale renovation, were able to completely change the feeling and spirit of the place. They removed drywall, added new wood windows, doors, and tambour walls, and undertook extensive interior decoration and exterior landscape efforts.

    The house itself serves as both a weekend retreat and a design laboratory. The exposed-frame ceilings found their way to the Facebook mess hall. The tambour walls have been used in the Standard and Royalton hotels.

    The furnishings are equal party indulgent luxury and laidback surfer cool. The Danish buffalo leather sofa, draped in angora and indigo, invites post-surf snoozes. The rosewood Sergio Rodrigues table, outfitted with Ted Muehling candlesticks, encourages all manner of dinner party revelry. Robin’s Banque de Franc desk holds a hippopotamus skull purchased from a bone dealer in Paris, while Stephens hand painted surfboards can be found around the property. Dragging sand in the house is welcomed, and evenings are candlelit and filled with friends, sparks from the backyard fire pit floating up against a summer moon.