Flight Patterns

  • Data from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration processed to create animations of flight traffic patterns and density.
  • Further flight studies including altitude and aircraft type can be found here and here.
  • The paths of air traffic over North America visualized in color and form.
  • Image depicts flight patterns over North America centered on the United States.
  • Awards/Festivals
       National Science Foundation 1st Pl. Science Visualization
       Japan Media Arts Festival 
       Ars Electronica
       Golden Horse Taiwan
       iDat Singapore
       Media Art Fiesland
       Boston Cyber Arts
       Todays Art
  • This work was originally developed as a series of experiments for the project "Celestial Mechanics" by colleagues Scott Hessels and Gabriel Dunne at UCLA. FAA data was parsed and plotted using the Processing programming environment. The frames were composited with Adobe After Effects and/or Maya. Visit original project website here.