211 Elizabeth Street

  • In their first ground-up residential project, Roman and Williams designed a seven-story condominium building in the heart of NoLiTa, one of New York’s most vibrant neighborhoods. At first glance, the building blends into its historic neighborhood, but a closer inspection reveals brick details and wood double-hung windows that stand out. Roman and Williams chose to reject modern construction trends in favor of a more traditional approach, and hired a family of Irish masons to lay the handcrafted brick façade of the building, resulting the building winning the Palladio Award in 2010.
    In addition to the base building, the project includes all interiors, as well as ground-level storefronts. The interiors feature contrasting Danish wood kitchens trimmed with high gloss black paint. The firm’s goal is the design of this building was to create a building with a sense of materiality, rigor, craftsmanship and construction that speaks to the heyday of New York City residential construction of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.