• CityCenterDC, a 10-acre site in the heart of downtown Washington DC, developed by Hines/Archstone, will be a bustling mixed use urban center with a diverse network of open spaces, containing alleys, streets, plazas, a park and multiple landscaped terraces. 
  • The project re-introduces the original street grid of Washington’s L’Enfant plan as a framework for a pedestrian oriented vibrant, 18-hr mixed use neighborhood that connects into the surrounding city fabric and continues the revitalization of this sector of the city.
  • “It was important to be environmentally responsible, but at the most basic level green design is about being smart and efficient in how you use resources. The mixed-use aspect of the CityCenterDC means it’s one of
    the city’s most efficient communities, and for many, it’s a dream place to
    live and work.”
    - Rodrigo Abela, GGN Principal
  • Anticipated completion date is 2013.
    More information on this project can be found at