• PROJECT Nº 4
    Spring Summer 2020 Film + Runway presentation
    September, 23, 2019, La Cigale, Paris​​​​​​​

    Our Spring Summer 2020 season was a meditation on Migration — being a company of migrants ourselves, and a company in the midst of a migration — from New York to Paris. This migration saw us become the first brand in history to show in two cities in one season — much to the consternation of the French and American federations. 

    We realized early on that the word migrant itself exerted a kind of violence — turned people into problems — our task was not to advocate for migrants but to explode the term; make it about space and time and humanity. Film became the perfect medium for this time travel. Our aim was to make a film in the same manner that we have been making our shows; a collective film with multiple directors, writers and lives, taking place in multiple cities from LA, to Paris, to Dakar. 

    In the end our film was written and directed by Jeremy O Harris, Akinola Davies, Petra Collins, Dean Blunt, Ashton Sanders, Kelsey Lu, Clayton Vomero, Baby Mother, Butch Dawson, Juliana Huxtable, Roe Ethridge, Diamond Stingily and Klein. Segments of our film were released internationally as music video for Steve Lacy and on live television on Good Morning America — all funneled into an enormous projection screen in Paris which was uncannily mirrored by a live runway featuring the same clothes in real time; in lock-step with the film.