Healthy Start Fortified Porridge

  • Healthy Start (TM) Fortified Porridge
    Client: Living Goods 
    Location: Uganda

    Objective: To design and source a vitamin-fortified porridge, packaged for door-to-door sales 

    Context: Living Goods (LG) empowers entrepreneurs to deliver life-improving products to the doorsteps of the poor. In Kampala, where LG started, under-nutrition from the lack of certain vitamins and minerals is a serious problem. It impairs, among many things, childhood development, and for this reason LG was selling a fortified porridge, but the supplier’s quality and capacity varied, thus straining sales. LG saw the opportunity to develop a better porridge, branded as their own, and hired Catapult Design to help. 

    Process: Catapult first went up the supply chain to benchmark the quality of available pre-packaged cereals. We then interviewed and shadowed exhaustively, cooking with customers at home, and making rounds with LG salespeople. The team iterated and tested new formulations, packages, and product messages. Striving for authentic feedback, we worked with local firms to conduct the taste tests. We concurrently found local millers, industrial packers, and print shops capable of quality delivery at volume.

    Innovation & Impact: Like most of the products we work on, Healthy Start (TM) had to have exceptional value in order to compete against daily staples. It was our immersion and repeated testing that gave us insight to the most valued feelings in regards to food: a full sensation, a roasty sweet taste (not just sweet), and knowing you are feeding your family well. Thus, we chose more soya for its protein, roasted maize, real sugar, and a touch of vanilla, while making sure the graphics convey family well-being. We concurrently found the vendors to mill, mix, and package it affordably.  Healthy Start (TM) is Living Goods' current top-selling product.